Layout and Design Classes

Layout and Design
-Instructor: Gwenllyan verch Morgan, OL
-Class Length: 1 hour
-Class Max: no limit
-Supplies Needed: pencil or pen for notes
-Supplies Provided By: instructor, or use your own, handout included
-Description: how to layout a scroll whether you do calligraphy,
illumination, or both. Margins, common layouts, historical progression of illuminated works. Examples shown.

Layout and Composition or " How to fit pretty pictures and text onto the
same page"

-Instructor: Maeva Eiriksdottir, OL
-Class Length: 1 hour [with an optional 1h for hands-on]
-Class Max: 10
-Supplies Needed: rulers, pencils, paper
-Supplies Provided By: Instructor or use your own, handout included
-Description: Learn about layout and composition of SCA award scrolls especially in regards to separate teams of calligraphers and illuminators

Color Theory

-Instructor: Gwenhwfyr ber Cain
-Class Length: 1 hour
-Class Max: 15
-Supplies Needed: paint (primaries, black & white), brushes, pallets, color
wheel worksheet and handout
-Supplies Provided By: Instructor
-Description: This class provides an overview of the basics of color theory for painters with less formal art training. Students will mix paints to create a full-spectrum gradiated color wheel, beginning with only black, white, red, yellow and blue paints. Concepts covered include primary, secondary & tertiary colors, complementary & analogous colors, and more. Also included are references to manuscripts that demonstrate when and where employing these concepts might be historically appropriate for SCA scribal
-Handout: Color Theory [pdf]

Mistakes are period but here's how to deal with them

-Instructor: Maeva Eiriksdottir, OL
-Class Length: 1.5 hour
-Class Max: 10
-Supplies Needed: messed up scrolls, paints, brushes, x-acto knife or similar sharp blade
-Supplies Provided By: Instructor or use your own, handout included
-Description: Mistakes happen - Ink blotches, a misspelled word - but oftentimes your hard work can be saved with a few simple techniques. This class will show an array of medieval examples of mistake 'corrections' and teach how to save your piece of art from the horrible fate of ending in the trash bin.

Titivilus & You: Mistakes are Period

-Instructor: Baroness Madeleine de Somerville
-Class Length: 1 hour plus optional 1 hour hands-on
-Class Max: lecture: 0 / hands-on: 15
-Supplies Needed: exact-o blade, bring project errors
-Supplies Provided By: Student
-Description: This class is designed to teach students to correct errors in illumination and calligraphy. The lecture session will display both SCA and period techniques for covering or correcting mistakes.