Orientation to the Scribal Arts Classes

Beginning Scribes
-Instructor: Gwenllyan verch Morgan
-Class Length: 1 hour
-Class Max: no limit
-Supplies Needed: pencil or pen for notes
-Supplies Provided By: instructor, or use your own, handout included
-Description: basic information for those who are interested in becoming
scribes- Kingdom materials preferences, basic supplies needed, criteria,
local contacts, sources for inspiration

Beginning Illumination: Getting Started with Basic Borders
-Instructor: Maol Mide ingen Medra, OL
-Class Length: 1 hour
-Class Max: 15
-Supplies Needed: papers, rulers, pencils
-Supplies Provided By: Instructor
-Description: This is a basic illumination class which focuses on vine
patterns, flowers, leaves, and squashed bugs. Also covered: basic layouts
and basic shading. By the end of class, students will have the knowledge to
begin producing basic level SCA illumination.
-Handout: Getting Started as an Illuminator