Most Wanted Scrolls 2-21-2015

posted Feb 21, 2015, 6:29 PM by Lana Tessler
Updated just prior to Gulf Wars and Coronation - we have a few odd "gaps" in the scroll inventory that need filling.

 The following is a list of the kingdom awards and what is needed (and not!).
PLEASE review the scribal handbook for the award levels and suit illumination accordingly to the level of the award. 
  Please contact the chart signet if you've any questions on what is suitable.
The bolded entries are the most needed

Honors and Recognitions (initial letter, one sided)
  • Flower of Chivalry - May Make
  • Heraldic Display - May make (we need a few really heraldically blingy scrolls for this - please contact the signet if interested in making one or two)
  • Lion d'Or - May make
  • Trimarian Lancer - NEEDED DESPERATELY
Tourney and Competition scrolls - Art Sci, Tourney, Bardic  (initial letter, one sided)
  • Art Sci - may make (Anything except Rose and Youth acclaim)
  • Bard Laureate - may make - please use the generic wording
Non-Armigerous Awards: (Initial letter, one sided)
  • Argent Estoile -  May Make
  • Argent Morningstar - may make
  • Argent Palm - May Make
  • Argent Trefoil - Do not need
  • Cross of St Joan -DO NOT MAKE - we have plenty!
  • Crowns Order of Gratitude - NEEDED
  • Emerald Sea - NEEDED
  • Fletcher - May Make
  • Golden Galleon - NEEDED (Feast or generic only please)
  • Greybeard - DO NOT MAKE - we have plenty!
  • Healers Lamp - Please DO NOT EVER DO any of these we have a HUGE supply and the award is rarely given out.
  • Heralds Tressure - Do not need
  • Mermaids Pearl - NEEDED
  • Sea Wall - NEEDED. (Should have slightly nicer/more complex illumination than your average honor)
  • Silver Saddle - NEEDED
  • Trimarian Gratitude - may make
  • Watchful Flame - may make
  • Silver Sling - May Make
Armigerous Awards: (one to two sided)
  • Argent Scales - NEEDED
  • Award of Arms - may make (AoA level blanks are always welcome!)
  • Silver Shield - NEEDED
  • Trade Winds - may make
Grant Level Awards: (three to four sided)
  • Arc d'Or  - may make
  • Argent Sword - NEEDED
  • Golden Lance - NEEDED
  • Grant of Arms - DESPERATELY NEEDED Would love to have Grant level blanks (no calligraphy) to choose from as needed.
  • Guard Trimaris - may make
  • Silver Trident - may make
  • Triskele Trimaris - NEEDED
  • White Scarf - Assigned as needed

Above Grant Level:

  • Court Barony - Will be assigned as needed.
  • Laurel - Will be assigned as needed.
  • Pelican - Will be assigned as needed
  • Rose - Will be assigned as needed
  • Ducal/County - will be assigned as needed