Most Wanted Scrolls, June 7

posted Jul 5, 2011, 10:57 AM by Kristen Gilpin
Greetings Scribes!
Welcome to the newest edition of the Most Wanted List! Their Majesties have been very busy and most generous which has left us in short supply of several key awards. AoA's Argent Palms and Argent Estoille's are desperately needed. I will be at Art-Sci /Duke U for those of you who would like to turn in items. I also have available a selection of blanks for those of you who are calligraphers, that need to be completed. There are also line drawings that need an illuminator.

The following is a wish list of what I would like to have available to choose from. If an award is listed as not needed it is because there is a decent supply but I will certainly not refuse any that you may wish to create, with the exception of those specifically listed as do not do.

  • Arc d'Or - Do not need
  • Argent Estoile - Needed please make!
  • Argent Morningstar - Do not need
  • Argent Palm - I have 2 or3 to choose from Please make!
  • Argent Scales - could use a few
  • Argent Sword - Do not need
  • Argent Trefoil - Do not need
  • Art Sci - Please do not do any Youth Acclaim but all others are needed.
  • Award of Arms - Again I have very little to choose from and are desperately needed!
  • Bard Laureate -will be happy to have some especially Masque and Poet
  • Court Barony - Will be assigned as needed.
  • Crowns Order of Gratitude - could use a good number of these
  • Cross of St Joan - Rarely given have a good supply please do not do.
  • Emerald Sea - Do not need
  • Fletcher - Do not need
  • Flower of Chivalry - Do not need
  • Golden Galleon - Do not need
  • Golden Lance - Do not need
  • Grant of Arms - Would love to have Grant level blanks (no calligraphy) to choose from as needed.
  • Greybeard - Do not need
  • Healers Lamp - Please DO NOT EVER DO any of these we have a HUGE supply and the award is rarely given out.
  • Heralds Tressure - Do not need
  • Heraldic Display - Do not need
  • Lancer - Do not need
  • Laurel - Assigned as needed
  • Lion d'Or - Really do not need
  • Mermaids Pearl - Do not need
  • Pelican - Assigned as needed
  • Rose - Assigned as needed
  • Silver Saddle - Do not need
  • Silver Shield - Do not need
  • Silver Trident - Do not need
  • Trade Winds - Do not need
  • Trimarian Gratitude - Really do not need
  • Triskele Trimaris - Pretty Please I have none.
  • Watchful Flame - Again PLEASE DO NOT EVER DO any of these we have a good supply and the award is rarely given out.
  • White Scarf - Assigned as needed

I would ask that you please do not do the following...
- AS year (just incase we do not use it right away)
- King/ Queen or Rex/ Regina in the signature line as this changes from reign to reign based on personal preference
- NO signatures or initials on the front of the scroll. A small unobtrusive makers mark is fine.

PLEASE DO make sure to sign the back of the scroll. The Crown's are very proud of the work that we do and like to make certain that we, as scribes, are recognized for the spectacular work that is being displayed during court. I would encourage each of you to make color copies of all of your work so that you have a portfolio of what you are doing. If nothing else take pictures.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, cell phone 561-847-1758 or on Facebook . I am not really a morning person but it is okay to call as late as 11 pm. I thank you all in advance for your support and hard work and am looking forward to seeing your latest works of art.

In Service,
Finnguala inghean Alusdair
Chart Signet Herald