Inspired by the Getty

posted Jul 5, 2011, 10:37 PM by Kristen Gilpin
Dear Scribes,

I am pleased to announce our newest scribal competition! We shall be drawing our inspiration from the fabulous collection of manuscripts housed at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. You may choose from their online collection ( ) or from any of the books that have been published by the museum that fall within the pre 1600 time period.

Any and all of your entries should be AoA level or higher and accompanied by a color copy of your inspiration piece. You may work by yourself or as a team (limner, illuminator, calligrapher). Points will be awarded based on each of the aforementioned categories as well as complexity and materials used. Extra points will be given for replicating your chosen work to actual size.

The judges will be selected from a cross section of the populace with judging to occur at Fall Coronation September 2-5, 2011. All entries must be turned in at Scribes point no later than 3pm on Saturday September 3rd.

The winners will be announced and prizes will be given at a time to be determined on Sunday September 4th. I can not wait to see what the most amazing scribes in the Knowne World come up with this time!

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