Queen's Scribal Combat Tourney at TMT

posted Apr 7, 2013, 11:34 AM by Lana Tessler
Greetings everyone!
To kick the spring and summer off with a scribal bang, we'll be having a scribal competition at TMT, running concurrent with the Flowers of Chivalry tourney.

Details are below!  Please feel free to ping me at minxlette@gmail.com  with any questions.
~In service,
The Queen’s Combat Scribe Tourney
Entry to the list: ALL combatants welcome, no prior experience as a scribe required! A scroll blank for use by kingdom will be created by each entrant during this list. This can be as simple or complex as you wish but must be inspired by a period source with this information and your name written on the back of the scroll.

There shall be four levels of entry please enter at the appropriate level.
1. Beginner – Combatant has been a scribe 1 year or less
2. Intermediate – Combatant has 2-5 years as a scribe
3. Advanced – Combatant has 5-8 years as a scribe
4. Rock Star – Combatant is a Scribal Laurel or 8 or more years as a scribe
This tourney will run concurrently with the Flowers of Chivalry Tourney. You will be permitted to set up your workspace in Scribes Point during their armor inspection. All scribal combatants must be on the heavy weapons field for the beginning of the list.

As with many of our Tourneys each combatant must have a consort. The consort must be one of the combatants in the Flowers of Trimaris Tourney. You may arrange a consort prior to the fighting or, if you have not, we will randomly pair you with a fighter.

You may exchange tokens with your fighter/consort if you wish. Courtesy and chivalry do count! Once the Rose’s have completed their auction scribal combatants shall adjourn to Scribes Point where they will have the duration of the heavy list to complete (drawing and illumination) a single sided boarder inspired from a period source. Paper will be provided when the scribes return from the field. You may use your own supplies if you have them, if not supplies can be borrowed from Scribes Point. Scribes may bring their own books for inspiration or you may borrow from the Kingdom Scribal Library housed in Scribes Point. At the end of the heavy list all scribal combatants shall return to the field.

During the scribal competition, the populace will be welcome to come socialize and watch the scribes work.

Each level will have a winner and the Queen will determine an overall winner to be announced in Court Sunday night. That scribe will be named The Queen’s Combat Scribe and will be awarded regalia to go with that honor.

The scrolls created during this list will be maintained by the Chart Signet’s office for future use by Kingdom.