Scribal Library

The Trimaris College of Scribes keeps its
Scribal Library Catalog  posted at LibraryThing.

Trimaris Scribes Library

You may also join the Library Thing Group for Trimaris Scribes to see books in the personal libraries of other scribes and even share your own library. Library Thing is a free service for anyone listing less than 200 books online.

Library Policies and Availability

The Trimaris College of Scribes Library is available at Scribes Point at Kingdom Level events (Coronations/Crown Lysts) when the Librarian or another member of the College staff is available. It can be requested for local events, but will be carried only when possible and convenient to the Librarian.

The Trimaris College of Scribes Library is currently a non-lending Library. This means books are available for perusal but cannot be checked out. Many of the books in our Library are out-of-print, incredibly expensive to replace, or no longer available for replacement.

The College makes available a portable color copier for members' convenience whenever possible. The College reserves the right to limit the number of copies made.



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