Gwenhwfyr ber Cain

Name: HL Gwenhwfyr ber Cain

MKA: Jennifer Kanter

About the artist: Gwenhwfyr is a 6th century Welsh lady who obviously has no love of vowels. Gwenhwfyr's penchant for Classical Rome occasionally shines through in her choice of clothing, although her contemporaries think her quite antiquated. Though she prefers the "new-fangled" Celtic illumination style she is open to ideas from those barbarians on the Continent (even those pesky Spaniards with their funny-eyed painted people) . When she is not busy scribing, she is often found cheer leading others into service (so that she can remain at rest) and just generally being a "helper monkey". Other interests include bead making, jewelry making, sewing, weaving, wire weaving, embroidery, cooking, and anything else she can be wrangled into by her friends.

Calligraphy - Uncial and Insular Miniscule
Illumination - Knotwork, Simple vine patterns

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