Rohesia Anven of Thessalonike

Name: Lady Rohesia Anven of Thessalonike

Mundane name: Sandra Silbernagel

Bio: Originally starting the SCA in SWFL but has since then moved and now calls the Kingdom of Altantia home. She is a 12th century French/Italian woman and daughter of a well to-do merchant. She currently resides in Thessalonike with her sister helping with the family merchanting business but she finds time copying manuscripts as well as taking commissions for illuminations, books and other artwork.

Interests: Line drawings, calligraphy, illumination, gilding and bookbinding.


Local Group: Barony of Nottinghill Coill, Kingdom of Atlantia


Order of Precedence: 12/11/2010 Order of the Coral Branch (Atlantian non-polling order for A&S)