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Award of Arms - Toki Ima

posted May 6, 2015, 7:07 PM by Lana Tessler
Award Received: Award of Arms
Your Name: Toki Ima
Scribes: Tetradia DeLace, Milesenda de Bourges

I was truly awed by the beauty of this scroll!  Being a scribe, myself, I can
really appreciate the thought, time taken, technique, and skill that went
into this creation.  I loved that it included two rapiers, the color choices
of blues and yellows/browns matched all but one of my ideal device colors (a
minor detail and/or coincidence that I still thought was really cool!), and
the general flow and placement of lines and decoration was above and beyond
what I ever could have expected to receive.

And I really, REALLY loved the calligraphy done by my Laurel's own hand --
calligraphy is still a mysterious, witchcraft-esque endeavor to me, and
having tried it myself a few times I can certainly appreciate the work and
time that goes into acquiring the skill.  I absolutely love it.  Every bit of

Thank you both for your talents and for this creation.  I will treasure it