About the College

    The Trimaris College of Scribes works to foster the scribal arts within the SCA Kingdom of Trimaris and to provide award charters for use during Royal Court under the direction of the Chart Signet of Trimaris.

    The Trimaris College of Scribes is a branch of the Trimaris College ofHeralds. The College is headed by a College Chancellor and group ofofficers who work in conjunction with the Triskele Herald of Trimaris.

    The goal of the Trimaris College of Scribes is to produce beautiful pieces of scribal artwork to award those found worthy by the Crown, foster the talents of our artisans, and promote the medieval scribal arts through continued study and education.

    About the Artists

    Our community of artists includes illuminators, calligraphers, limners,parchment makerspaper makers, gilders, bookbinders, and those who research the scribal and book arts of the middle ages.

    At current, the College has over fifty active scribes located in various 
    groups around the Kingdom of TrimarisMembership within the College requires no quotas to upkeep, and is primarily used to track the number of pieces turned in by various scribes for use in our manycontests and for other forms of recognition.

    Our artists produce fine pieces of artwork for use in Royal Court. These hand drawn, illuminated, and calligraphed pages represent an extraordinary gift of time and skill. Each award given by the Royaltyof Trimaris has been individually created by our talented scribes who work singularly or in teams to produce each page.

    About the Arts

    The scribal and book arts of the middle ages include the arts necessary to produce a book, inscribe it with text, and decorate the pages. Many of these arts are rarely practiced in the modern era, but through practice and study new life can be breathed into these long ago works to produce modern pieces in the style and materials of the middle ages.

    Our source materials include illuminated books of hours, secular medieval books, writs, and other written documents of the middle ages ranging in complexity from the carpet pages of the Book of Kells to simple land grants from the Elizabethan era. Using medieval accounts and modern scholarly works, the Trimaris College of Scribes works to connect its artisans with the arts of the middle ages, create modern works that reflect these medieval arts, and spread this information so that it will not be lost.