Trimaris College of Scribes

The Trimaris College of Scribes works to foster the scribal arts within the SCA Kingdom of Trimaris and to provide award charters for use during Royal Court under the direction of the Chart Signet of Trimaris. 

The goal of the Trimaris College of Scribes is to produce beautiful pieces of scribal artwork to award those found worthy by the Crown, foster the talents of our artisans, and promote the medieval scribal arts through continued study and education.

A copy of the most recent 2018 Handbook for Trimaris Scribes may be found here.

September 7th 2023 Needed Scrolls

Good day scribes of Trimaris. It's time for the most wanted list from your friendly neighborhood Chart Signet:

AOA- some Celtic and some gender neutral would be great

Azure Brace- totally out needed drastically looking for about 10

Argent Scales- need a few maybe 5

Tradewinds- 6-need 3 gender neutral and 2 masculine and 1 feminine

Grant of Arms:

Silver trident: need 5

Triskel Trimaris: need 9: 3 masculine, 3 gender neutral and 3 feminine

Arc D'Or: need 3 or 4

Argent Mantel: need 1 or 2

Order of the Guard: out we need maybe 5

Golden Lance: need 5

Court Barony: 1 masculine 1 gender neutral

White Scarf: 3 1 feminine, 1 masculine and 1 gender neutral

Lancer: need 6-10

Azure Glove: need 9: 3 masculine, 3 gender neutral, 3 feminine

Argent Palm: need several

Estoile: need 10

Heralds treasure: need about 5

Sea Wall: 8

Argent trefoil: need 5

Gray beard: need 5

Steward (kids award with AOA): 6- 2 gender neutral, 2 masculine, 2 feminine

Waster: 6

Rudis: 6

Page: 6

Emerald sea: 9

Crowns order of Gratitude: 8

Order of Trimarian Gratitude: 5

Please do not make:

Golden galleons

Argent Morningstar

Flower of Chivalry

Argent Sword

Silver Shield

HL Margarita di Rossi
MKA Rita Miller