Trimaris College of Scribes

The Trimaris College of Scribes works to foster the scribal arts within the SCA Kingdom of Trimaris and to provide award charters for use during Royal Court under the direction of the Chart Signet of Trimaris. 

The goal of the Trimaris College of Scribes is to produce beautiful pieces of scribal artwork to award those found worthy by the Crown, foster the talents of our artisans, and promote the medieval scribal arts through continued study and education.

A copy of the most recent 2018 Handbook for Trimaris Scribes may be found here.

April 21, 2024
Needed Scrolls

Good afternoon, scribes. I am the friendly neighborhood chart signet and I have my most wanted list ready to rock.

I desperately need the following items:

Awards of Arms (10 or more in various styles)
Grants of Arms (at least 7 in various styles)
Argent Palms (10 or so)
Azure gloves (6)
Argent brace (5 or 6)
Sea Wall (3-4)
Trimarian Lancers (6 or so)
Argent Scales (6 or so)
Order of Trimarian Gratitude (6ish)
Crowns order of gratitude (6ish)
Order of the Emerald Sea (6ish)
Tradewinds Trimaris (6ish)
Order of the grey beard (3-4)
Lion D'or (6)
Cross of St. Joan (3)
Watchful flame (3)

Bardic awards

Things I don't need at this time:

Heraldic display
Golden Galleon
Flower of Chivalry
Trefoil Trimaris
Order of the Page
Order of the Waster
Order of the Rudis
Order of the Steward
Order of the Fletcher

This job would not be possible without the help I get from all of you.  If you are a calligrapher please make yourself known to me as my skill with a quill (while improving) is severely lacking.