Chancellor of the College

Maol Mide ingen Medra, OL, OP

mka: Kristen Gilpin

The Chancellor is the head dean for the Trimaris College of Scribes responsible for general business, assisting in funding approval for college purchases, reporting when requested, contests, and other duties as necessary.

Chart Signet

Milesenda de Bourges

MKA: Lana Tessler


The Chart Signet deals directly with the Crowns of Trimaris to receive the Royal requests for awards and to oversee the creation of the award scrolls to fulfill those requests in a timely fashion.

Barque Signet

Adelina de Bretigny

mka: Brittany Hofmann


The Barque Signet is responsible for all replacement scrolls needed for award

recipients from the Kingdom of Trimaris. Provides permanent scrolls to those

members of the populace who received a promissory scroll or otherwise failed to receive a scroll, in court.


Jehannette de Lille

mka: Julia Gerstemeier

The Quartermaster is responsible for the ordering and distribution of basic supplies for the Scribes of Trimaris. For more information on available supplies, or to request supplies please contact the Quartermaster directly.


Thalassia Hellenis

mka: Amanda Eilers

The Librarian is responsible for storing, recording, and making available the books of the College of Scribes Library. The Library is available at Kingdom level events, and local events by request (if possible to accommodate).


Gwenllyan verch Morgan, OL

mka: Lin Dobbs

The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes of College of Scribes meetings and making those available upon request. Also, the Secretary records award scrolls turned in and keeps current counts for each scribe's work for the purpose of contests and general reporting.

Scribes Point Coordinator

Gwenllyan verch Morgan, OL

mka: Lin Dobbs

Scribes point is a place at every Coronation and Crown lyst where the College will have supplies and people to teach. Newcomers can come and learn how we make the scrolls for our Kingdom, and possibly make a scroll themselves to submit to the on hand stock. Current scribes can also come in and work on projects or just talk scribe with others. You know you want to see what scribes do at 3:00 A.M

Web Minister

Maol Mide ingen Medra, OL

mka: Kristen Gilpin

The web minister is responsible for maintaining the College of Scribes website