Award of Arms

Award of Arms

The Crown may bestow an unordered Award of Arms (AoA) to those persons deemed worthy by their service or accomplishment. An unadorned circlet of metal no taller than 1/4 inch may be worn by those with an AOA in TrimarisAward LevelKingdom, armigerous

Award Verbiage

1.) Many are those whose service is so bountiful that We are much besieged with letters and reports, so that this service will not pass unknown. We the Crown Trimaris have paid heed to those letters, and hereby do confer upon ____________ an Award of Arms. Upon the _____ day of _______, signed and sealed by Our hand, Anno Societas ________.

2.) Gracious are those who serve, and joyful are We to proclaim such service to all. Know ye then, that ______________ is Our valued subject, and to honor them for their efforts, We the Crown Trimaris hereby bestowan Award of Arms. Witnessed in the Year of Our Society _____________, upon the _________ day of __________.

3.) Zephyr winds blow upon Our shores, and carry to Us tidings of good deeds and honorable service. We the Crown Trimaris do hear those words, and summon ______________ before Us. In reward of selfless dedication, we herewith bestow an Award of Arms upon this _____ day of _______, in the Anno Societas ___________.

4.) All shall know by these letters that We, the Crown Trimaris, mindful of the efforts and contributions of the good ____________ do herefore bestow this Award of Arms. Signed and sealed this _____ Day of _____, being _____ A.S. _____

5.) Service, strength, honor, courtesy- these are the foundations of Our Society. We hold in high esteem thosewho show these qualities, and by many letters have We the Crown Trimaris been made aware that ______________ is one such person. Our esteem is such that We do this day bestow upon them an Award of

Arms, so made upon the _____ day of _______, A.S._____________.

6.) Quiet are those who serve, doing so not for honor or recognition, but for love of the Dream. Though it may not be sought, We do recognize that service and devotion in ______________, and upon the _______ day of _______, A.S._____________,

7.) We the Crown Trimaris do hereby bestow this Award of Arms.Our Kingdom Trimaris rests upon the foundation of service, strength, honor, and courtesy of those who dwell within its shores. As you have shown all of these qualities, We are pleased to bestow upon ______________________ an Award of Arms. Signed and sealed this _____ day of _____, A.S. _______

8.) Praiseworthy are those within Our Kingdom Trimaris who have served with honor and gentility, by which We are enriched. As Our good and noble servant ________________ has shown these qualities, We, the CrownTrimaris, are pleased to bestow this Award of Arms. Signed by Our hand this _____day of _____, Anno Societatis.

9.) (for Norse/ Scandinavian personas only- not suitable for adding blazon wording)

Here within Our Three-Seas land

Call We forth one who serves

One whose devotion sustains Us well.

For We are far-seeing by Our raven’s eye.

Summon now before Us

This loyal citizen, and

Call forth ______________to face this host of compatriots.

Here this ____ sun-sky of _______

Called the year of A.S ______,

We the Crown Trimaris bear forth

An Award of Arms.