Splendor, Order of

The Order of Splendor is awarded for promise in the arts and sciences in the Barony of Castlemere

Award Level

Baronial, nonarmigerous

 Contact the Barony of Castlemere to see if these scrolls are needed.

Award Verbiage

Companions of the Order of of Splendor of Castlemere have marked themselves as worthy of renown by their skill and knowledge of the gentle arts in our fair barony. One such fine artisan is <name of recipient>  known for their skill in <art/science/research> and thus it is the will of <name Baron> and <name Baroness>, Baron and Baroness of Castlemere, to make the said  them a member of the said Order, and award them the right to bear the badge of the order without hindrance by any person.   Done on this <> day of <month>  Anno Societatis