Argent Mantle

Order of the Argent Mantle of Trimaris

The Order of the Argent Mantle is the premier fighting award for excellence and dedication to the rapier arts.

This award also conveys a Grant of Arms if the bearer does not already possess one.

Award Level

Kingdom, Grant

Award Verbiage

1) Cloaked in the white of sky and sea foam does ___________ prove their skill and dedication upon the rapier field. With each strike of sword and parry of blade, do they remind us of the grace and strength of the Trimarian seas. By our hand this ____day of ____, AS _____ do we recognize that prowess and make them a companion of the Order of the Argent Mantle of Trimaris.

2) As a mantle keeps us warm and safe from the wind's harsh bite so have your skill and prowess in rapier cast a protective mantle around this kingdom that it may thrive. In recognition of your service, dedication and skill in the field of Rapier We, King and Queen of Trimaris, are honored to bestow upon you _________ membership in the Order of the Argent Mantle on this____ day of ___ AS___

3) To show skill with a sword is a gift possessed by few and We, the Crown Trimaris, are honored to have one among us whose skills in the rapier arts are worthy of Our discern. Our good gentle _____ is to further be celebrated as a Companion of the Argent Mantle, done _____ day of _____ AS ____.

4) In a cloak of honor does every warrior take the field. In a cloak of knowledge does every scholar take to their studies. In a cloak of courtesy does every courtier take their bows. In you _____, do we find all these qualities and thus lay this cloak of white upon your shoulders, granting you admittance into the Order of the Argent Mantle this ___ of___, AS __