Court Barony

Court Barony

Court Baron/Baroness is bestowed for exemplary and continuing service to the Kingdom. Court Barons and Baronesses may wear coronets of precious metal or other material with protrusions of six spheroids or precious stones, with simple ornamentation, the overall height not to exceed two (2) inches or the top of the head.

Award Level

Kingdom, Grant level

Award Verbiage

1.) Hear Our words oh ye who come into these halls of the triple seas majesty

Listen well to Our words for We the Crown Trimaris

Reigning this sun-gloried Realm, seek out the ones whose brilliance reflects upon Us.

Hear Our words for in this land We have found one in whom

The renown of Our Kingdom is magnified. Great are the deeds great is the service

Honor and Praise are rightfully due, given without reserve.

So into Our Halls let the skalds proclaim great is the glory of this Mighty Kingdom

For We can rejoice that this one is Ours.

Let the people exclaim great praise, let the seas rise up in homage

For great is the favor We do give.

Hear then people of our sea-circled lands that ____________ is such a one

And We are moved to present this day a Court Baronet that all may know

How Service and Excellence are honored in this land.

So declare We this ______ day of ______ in Anno Societas __________

2.) Let it be known by all throughout Our Realm that whereas We, the Crown Trimaris, seek ever to reward Our subjects for their service to the Crown and to Our People. And whereas there exists one in this land who has excelled in such

service, therefore do We hereby confer upon the good __________________ the title of Court Baronet, together with all rights, honors, and all duties of that rank. Done in this our court on the ___ day of ___, AS_______.