Order of the Rose

The Order of the Rose (OR): bestowed upon former Consorts of Trimaris following completion of their reign, shall bear a Patent of Arms.Award LevelKingdom, patent (May, at the Crowns' discretion, carry a Patent of Arms)The general requirements for receiving any Patent of Arms are: courtesy, chivalry, hospitality, courtly behavior, and knowledge or skill equal to that of the members of that Order. In addition, they must be willing to share their knowledge with others.

Award Verbiage

Text note: The verbiage for patents in not generally standard within Trimaris. Individual texts are most often created to suit each candidate. These texts are intended as guides only.

Rose, Order of the (O.R.)

*****(wording for male consort to Queen by Right of Arms in (parentheses))

1.) Whereas you, ____________ have well served the weal of Our Realm as Queen (Consort) and helpmate of Chivalry (Our Queen by Right of Arms), your grace and demeanor did, like the rose as queen of the garden, serve as inspiration to all who discerned you. Therefore do we create in fact what you have made by example and estate of Lady (Lord) of the Order of the Rose, granting herewith all

rights and privileges apparent thereto. Signed by Our hand, this____ day of _____ , A.S. ______.


The Order's token is a rose.