The Order of the Starfish is given for youth service and involvement at the baronial level and may be used by all of the baronies in Trimaris.

As our fierce warriors defend our frontiers, so our youth defend our future.  Through words and deeds [name] has proven that age is no barrier to service. Therefore we Proudly claim them as our own and make them a member of the Order of the Starfish. Done by our hands, this <day> day of  <month> A.S.<year in Roman numerals>.

The drums of war sound and our brave warriors march to battle.  We have seen you <name> prove to all that age matters not to a courageous heart.  For defending our Barony in War, we proudly name you to the Order of the Starfish.  Done by our hands this <day> of <month> A.S. < year>

The tiny seed contains the promise of a mighty tree just as the youth contain the promise of our future.  The creativity of a true artisan has no limits in age and we have seen the promise of this in our good <name>.  For enriching our barony in the arts, we proudly make you a member of the Order of the Starfish, done by our hands this <day> of <month>, AS <year>