Darkwater Defender

Order of the Darkwater Defender

The Order of the Darkwater Defender (O.D.D.) may be bestowed for promise in the Martial Arts in service to the Barony of Darkwater.Award LevelBaronial, non-armigerous. Please contact Barony of Darkwater to see if there is a need for these scrolls.

Award Verbiage

1.) The Barony Stands confident because of those who take up arms in its defense. Whereas you, __________ have used your skills with (weapon) to ensure that the Barony endures. So We (names) Baron and Baroness of Darkwater do on this day name you a Companion of the Darkwater Defender and grant the rights and responsibilities of this order. Done this _____ day of _____ , AS __________.

2.) Many stand with strength of arm and strength of mind

in defense of the places we call ours.

We stand confident in those who we find

stand as stalwart as the very towers.

For skills unequaled in armor and arms

we place but before you this single quest.

Guard well o'er the halls and too o'er the farms

with honor and skill and joy in your breast.

We bid you stand so tall, before us all

To proudly proclaim your skill and your name.

At the Barony's Lord and Lady's call

mark well the foe that is tyrannies’ claim

For skill on the field without surrender,

stand you thus, a Darkwater Defender.

Done this ________ day of __________, A.S. __________ by __(Names)__, Baron and Baroness of Darkwater to honor ___(Name)__ for excellence in ___(Martial Skill)___.

Text Submitted by James Highgate


Barry wavy sable and argent a trident head gules.