Order of the Pelican

The Order of the Pelican (OP): is bestowed upon those gentles who have provided long-standing service in an administrative capacity to keep the Society functioning.Award LevelKingdom, patentThe general requirements for receiving any Patent of Arms are: courtesy, chivalry, hospitality, courtly behavior, and knowledge or skill equal to that of the members of that Order. In addition, they must be willing to share their knowledge with others.

Award Verbiage

Text note: The verbiage for patents in not generally standard within Trimaris. Individual texts are most often created to suit each candidate. These texts are intended as guides only.

1.) Know ye by these presents that We, the Crown Trimaris, King and Queen of Trimaris, having consulted the Companionate of the Order of the Pelican, by Our Sovereign Will, elevate you ___________________________ to the rank of (Master or Mistress) of the Pelican. It is thus Our pleasure to bestow upon you a Patent of Arms, granting you the privileges and charging you with the responsibilities of a Peer of the Realm. Done this _____ day of _____, A.S. _____.


The Order's tokens are: A Pelican in its Piety Argent, A Yellow Belt with Pelicans in their Piety Argent. Members of the Order of the Pelican may wear caps of maintenance of gules, turned plumetty argent goute de sange.