Silver Saddle

Order of the Silver Saddle

The Order of the Silver Saddle (O.S.S.T.) my be bestowed for personal excellence in any aspect of the equestrian arts.Award LevelKingdom, non-armigerousAward Verbiage

1.) The grace, beauty, and skill of the equestrian arts are much admired by all, and such attributes are to be found among our populace. We the Crown Trimaris find joy in these arts, and so do name _________ as a Companionof the Order of the Silver Saddle, so proclaimed upon __(month, day) ___, A.S. _____________

2.) We the Crown Trimaris have admired those whose skill in equestrian arts have shown to all the grace and beauty to be found in those noble beasts. We would share Our joy in those skills with all, and on this ___ day of_____, A.S._______ do we proclaim ___________ as a Companion of the Order of the Silver Saddle.

3.) Within Our society We must praise those trappings of the ages which make Our dream yet more fair. We, the Crown Trimaris, do appreciate the grace and beauty lent by the equestrian arts and understand the great support required to bring such glorious creatures to Our Kingdom. As you, _______________, have worked to better Trimaris through service to the equestrian arts, We welcome you as a Companion of the Silver Saddle this ___ day of _______ A.S. ______


Token: Per fess azure and vert, a tournament saddle argent.