Azure Glove

Order of the Azure Glove Trimaris

The Order of the Azure Glove honors promise in the rapier arts.

Award Level

Kingdom, non-armigerous

Award Verbiage

1) With glove and guard do our soldiers take to the field. With promise of prowess and growing skill has ______ proven their worth. By our hand this ____ day of ____ AS ___ do We thus honor that skill by making them a companion of the Azure Glove of Trimaris.

2) The  glove represents a meticulous and dedicated pursuit of the art of swordplay, just as it represents the purity of the consort, who gives it to the defender of their Honor.  Possessing the will, dedication, and learned craft of a warrior and duelist, this honored fencer ____________ is hereby named by us, King and Queen of Trimaris, to the Order of the Azure Glove this ____ day of___, AS __.

3) Just as a glove protects the wearer from harm, so do those who take up the blade protect our Kingdom. We are mightily pleased by the prowess shown by our good _________, and hereby name them as a member of the Order of the Azure Glove. Done this ___ day of ___, AS ___

4) Let all hear present know that we, The Crown Trimaris, have seen the deeds of our good ______ in the lysts and are well impressed with their skill with the art of Defense. As such, we name them to the Order of the Azure Glove this ____of___ AS ___