Guard Trimaris

Order of the Guard Trimaris 

The Order of the Guard Trimaris (OTT) is the premier kingdom honor for battle leadership. Members of the Guard Trimaris are known as Sergeants.  This is a voting order.

Award Level

Kingdom, grant level

Award Verbiage

1. When war comes to our shores we must stand ready.

Among us are those who would muster the Army.

They train, fight, and lead by example and long service in war and peace.

Here is one such person.

So we the Crown Trimaris do recognize "Name"

To the Order of the Guard Trimaris.

Rise and henceforth be known throughout our Lands

As a Sergeant of the Guard.

By the grace of their Majesties, a Grant of Arms is conveyed with these stripes.

2. There are those whose hearts beat with the thunder of fife and

drum. Time and again these folk answer the call, and stand to

serve for King and country: instructing others in the arts of

war, and leading them upon the field of blood to crush the King's


(name) is such a patriot, proved by oft repeated acts of valor

and dedication to the strengthening of the Crown's army.

Therefore, not for what (he/she) has done, but for what

(he/she) shall continue to do, We are of a mind to name (Name) as a

Sergeant of the Guard Trimaris, and bestow upon (him/her) this

well-earned Grant of Arms.

Done this day _____, A.S. ____