Augmentation of Arms

Augmentation of Arms

The Augmentation of Arms, although a non-armigerous award, is the highest heraldic honor bestowed by the Crown of Trimaris. Because of this, wordings for this award are highly individualized and may include a directed Augmentation of Arms (specified by the Crown) or an undirected Augmentation of Arms (chosen later by the recipient). After accepting a commission for an Augmentation of Arms be sure to check with the Crown or Chart Signet (whichever gave you the commission) to verify if the Augmentation is directed or undirected before composing verbiage for the award. 

Blank Augmentation scrolls with text should never be created. These awards will be commissioned directly by the Chart Signet or the Crown. 

Award Level

Kingdom, non-armigerous

Award Verbiage

The following award verbiage is provided as a guide only. These wordings were created specifically for past recipients of this award. Please do not use these wordings as written and instead consider them only as a guide for the type of individualized verbiage that is created for this honor.

Example 1.) 

Augmentation for Sir Takamatsu Sadamitsu no kami Tadayoshi

Written in Japanese Tanka style poetry form utilizing a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable format. Composed by Baroness Maol Mide ingen Medra OL, OP

This three-sea land of

Trimaris could not be, but

for the gentle and

the brave who live among us

each day bettering our dream.

Thus Takamatsu,

a fair man of poetry

who knows silent waves

as well as the clash of war

knows the heart of Trimaris.

Our Kingdom is judged

by the worth of our people

so Trimaris shines

as a bright jewel because

Takamatsu abides here.

In the heart of our

Takamatsu, Trimaris

is held safe and strong.

In the heart of Trimaris

this man will live forever.

In this Royal court

We the Crown of Trimaris

would bestow on him

an Augmentation of Arms

so all know his worth to us.

Takamatsu Sadamitsu no kami Tadayoshi

Augmentation of Arms

September 2 AS  XLVII

Example 2:  

Augmentation for Baron Octavio de Flores

Composed by Baroness Maol Mide ingen Medra OL, OP 

There are those in whom Trimaris sets her root and over time they grow intertwined with this fair Kingdom so that their sucess is a jewel surrounded by three seas and their voice becomes the voice by which we know Trimaris best.

You, Octavio de Flores, are Trimaris.

Your kindness and spirit are among the best treasures of this fair land, your efforts become tales that will pass into our history and define us, and your voice will remain the sound by which our hearts are filled with Trimaris.

We, Thorsten and Zepherine, would happily add to the accolades your deeds have won by bestowing this Augmentation of Arms so that all shall know the esteem in which you are held. So done this 14th day of March in the XLII year of our Society.

Example 3:

Augmentation for Baroness Lisabetta Maria da Firenze

Composed by Master Simon Maurus of the Argent Quill

The grandeur for which the Kingdom of Trimaris is known is made possible by the loving hands of Her people. Beloved artisans create, share and preserve all that is beautiful for posterity in countless priceless and masterful works. Her Excellency Mistress Lisabetta Maria da Firenze has for many years so colored our lives, and for this we are moved to bestow upon her an Augmentation of Arms.

Example 4:

Augmentation for Baron Severin Visconti di Milano

Composed by Master Simon Maurus of the Argent Quill 

Steadfast in defense of Truth, Honor and Virtue, with heart, head and hand, our good Ser Severin Visconti di Milano has for many years served tirelessly to keep the Tempests of the world from Our shores. So too has he has given of himself that Our fair Kingdom thrive and prosper. It is for his devoted vigilance as our Servant and Sentinel that we with great love bestow upon him an Augmentation of Arms.