Golden Lance

Order of the Golden Lance

Order of the Golden Lance (OGL) Excellence in the Equestrian Arts

Award LevelKingdom, grant levelAward Verbiage1.) Hear ye, gook folk of this Kingdom, and know that ________ has found great favor with Us. For exemplary skill in the equestrian arts, We the Crown Trimaris here bestow this Order of the Golden Lance on this ____ day of _____, A. S. ____

2.) There is much joy to be found in the skills displayed by horse and rider. Such pleasure in found in the equestrian arts of __________. We the Crown Trimaris do hereby proclaim Our joy, and Our pleasure, in bestowing this Order of the  Golden Lance, so made upon the ____ day of _____, A . S. ____.

3.) We the Crown Trimaris are greatly pleased with the excellence in equestrian arts as displayed within Our Kingdom. We have found this excellence in our

______________, and upon this ____ day of _____, A . S. ____, recognize this achievement with the bestowal of the Order of the Golden Lance.


Azure semy of triskeles argent, a lance Or.