Adelina Belet

Adelina Belet

Name: Lady Adelina Belet Mundane Name: Linda Fields About the Artist:Very nice to meet you! Please, call me Belet, all my friends do. It is the year 1545. I live in England with my wonderful husband. My father, an English Star Navigator, disappeared last year during an expedition for King Henry the XIII when his ship went off course. My mother, a spirited Irish woman, was sadly never there for me though she stressed the importance of an education so in 1513, at just ten years old, I was given over to the Da Vinci household upon his return to France in 1513. In exchange for training in the arts and sciences, I would keep his house and cook his meals, while my long locks of hair were tucked safely into my boyish cap to ensure I remain a secret. I enjoyed evenings with various notebooks Da Vinci left for me but on April 15, 1519, it all ended when my master died and I was set to sail, back home, to England. It was on that ship I met and finally married my husband. Since then I have continued to train when and wherever I could. Now, I am finding even more masters to learn from as my passions are being fully entertained and, as of this year, was recognized with an Award of Arms by the King and Queen of Trimaris! I am grateful to have this blessed life.

Offices: None held

Interests: Motion Graphic Design and Computer Artistry, All Scribal Arts, Fantasy Novel Writing, Music Composition, Singing, Astronomy, Cooking, Teaching, Learning

Specialties: I love drawing celtic knotwork and find inspiration from the Flemish masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries. I am most inspired by the Anne of Brittany Book of Hours. Botanical borders and trees is what I love most to draw, illuminate, and paint... truly beautiful things.


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