Jehanette de Lille

Jehannette de Lille

Name: Baroness Jehannette de LilleMKA: Julia GerstemeierAbout the Artist: Jehannette (pronounced Jeanette) was born on an estate on the Deule River in Lille, France (Duchy of Burgandy) in 1445. Currently, she is residing there with paintbrush in hand, splitting her time between the arts and sciences, and being courted by a Dutch fellow.Interests: I do Illumination, Brewing, Goldwork embroidery, cooking (learning to manage feast), basic costuming, middle eastern dancing, and am working on

learning calligraphy. Interested in learning bookbinding, stained glass, and the Doumbek.

Offices: Art Sci officer of Loch Gryffyn, Baroness of Darkwater

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