Johanna la Champanois

Johanna la Champanois’

Name: HL Johanna la Champanois’

MKA: Janice Brunner

About the Artist: Johanna (preferably called Yoyo) was born (1226) in the city of Troyes, which is part of the Champaigne region of France. Currently, she is living outside the city Paphos on the beautiful island of Cyprus with her husband. Both are serving the Order of Santiago de Compastela by managing a sugar cane plantation. We met while traveling with Louis IX on the seventh crusade.

Specialties: 13th-14th Codex

Offices held: Shire of Narval Dorado – Minister of Art/Sci; Seneschal of Shire of Marcaster- Herald, Exchequer


Order of Precedence Entry