Milesenda de Bourges

Milesenda de Bourges

Name: HL Milesenda de Bourges


Mundane Name: Lana Tessler


About the Artist: Milesenda is a fifteenth century noblewoman from Bourges, France who slipped off from her family estate to marry an English duelist, James Highgate, causing the scandal of her family (at least until her brother does something equally ill regarded.)  The darling of her father's eye, she was taught to read and write and has since applied these skills to the scribal arts, turning her talent at word smithing and painting to more practical pursuits. She is frequently heard to be muttering about the practicality of all her English friends infringing upon her artistic fancies.


Offices: Seneschal and Arts and Science Officer - Swampkeype.

Deputy Chart Signet

Interests: Reading, Teaching, Illumination, Calligraphy, Medieval song and dance, mask making, period presence, service

Specialties: I have a wide range of scribal interests though I tend toward working on fourteenth through sixteenth century pieces the most. I illuminate, draw, and calligraph.


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