Sesildi Garces de Leon

Sesildi Garces de Leon

Name: Sesildi Garces de LeonAbout the artist: Sesildi is the daughter of a Captain in the Spanish fleet in the late 16th century. Fostered at the court of la infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia, daughter of Phillip II of Spain, she learns to read and proves to have a fair hand with letters. Because she is from a military family, rather than true nobility, her companionship to the Princess is in low demand and Sesildi finds ample time to develop her calligraphy and illumination skills. Though her time is spread thin with the raising of her two children, Sesildi will take on the occasional commission for a special scroll.

Specialties: Uncial and Gothic Rotunda hands. Gothic illumination, ivy, oak, and acanthus leaves, gold leaf illumination.

Offices: none currently. Formerly head of Scribes Guild in Darkwater


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